Clothing Label Inspiration

Our Woven and Embroidered name labels can be used for many different purposes in both personal and commercial use. Because of our high quality, you can use our name tapes under the most extreme conditions and repeatedly washing is not a problem.


Families & Children

  Every year, large quantities of expensive children's clothes are forgotten in schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and at friends. If you have several children, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the differences. The solution is simple. Use our name tape where there is space for writing name, phone number and even e-mail address. In this way, your expensive clothes always come back to the rightful owner.

Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes

  Think branding and make sure that nobody runs with your towels and wash cloths. What about the staff's uniforms? Get the staff to feel welcome and appreciated. Put a name tape in their uniforms eg. Jane "nick name" Jackson. They will feel at home. What about replacing the ugly and boring plastic nameplates with a beautiful woven cotton name tape which signal quality. Our name tapes can e.g.. be used on shirts and aprons.

Kindergartens & School

  Name tapes in school uniforms is a must. But for those children who do not use school uniforms, it's a good idea to make sure that all clothing is marked with name tapes. That way you ensure that valuable clothes come back.

Clothing Stores & Private Label

  Do you get your clothes produced abroad or do you buy ready made clothes? Why market other brands when you can market your own brand and set your own retail price. With us you can make your own label and you can also order size markers. All in pure Egyptian cotton.

Nursing Homes

  Why just give the elderly a number when you can make them happy with a set of beautiful name tape with their own name.

Spa, Wellness & fitness clubs

  It's a great service to offer towels and tea towels for your guests. It is also a great idea to mark the towels so they don’t disappear with the guests. But have you thought about the branding value you can achieve? At a very small cost, you have the opportunity to mark all your towels with your brand name. With our name tapes, you get the chance to write the club name, web address and a good marketing message.

Cool Trend

  How cool is it to have your own brand in your clothes? We are seeing a great interest from young people which replaces the manufacturer label in the clothes with their own design label. It's not just personal - it is very cool! Think about it - get your own name tapes with your last name and eg, your Internet address. Cooooool!

Designers & Tailors

  You design or make beautiful clothes that deserves a beautiful name tape of best quality with your brand name. You do now no longer buy several thousand name tape - among us can get away with 100 pieces. Choose from our many beautiful designs, colors and motifs.

Sports clubs

  Sports clubs are probably one of the places where most often forgotten expensive clothes and sports equipment. Do something about the problem now - order our name tape today, and be sure that you get your clothes and sports equipment back if you forget it.

Offices & Shops

  Do a little branding, impress your customers and employees and make sure your textiles does not disappear from the office or shop. Use our name tapes.

Where to use

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